Waggener 50th Reunion

The weekend was super!

50th Reunion events were excellent venues for the various activities. Good food, good music, good fellowship all rolled into one special week-end. 

Thursday, September 25th – An informal gathering @ Dish on Market with “Sliders” and Falls City Beer. Approximately 60 – 70 classmates from 64′ and 65′ were in attendance. Great kick-off to the weekend.

Friday, September 26th – Waggener High School Walk-Through Mr. Ethridge had arranged for us to meet with the AD and Principal. The session was inspirational and informative on the efforts to revitalize our school. More information is coming on how we can all pitch in on the effort.

Friday, September 26th – Class of 64′ Social From 7:00 to 11:00 at the University Club at U of L.  “Compliments to the chef” for a delicious array of food items. Also, a surprise visit from “Elvis Presley” (Don Goodfleisch, class 64′) who had everyone on their feet. We hope someone can send in some video for the website. Mr. Grissom failed on his attempt to play Liv’s welcome message so it appears below:

link to Liv Maesel’s message to the class from across the pond.


Saturday, September 27th – From 6:30 to 11:30 was the dance at the Hourstbourne Country Club with the Class of 65′. Music was provided by The Trendells (Charlie Shuck, class 65′) and another surprise guest from “Elvis”. The attendance from the combined classes was over 300.

Thanks to our former JV Football Coach and math teacher for his “pep-talk” on living the “4th” Quarter of your life.

Daryl Eisenmenger has provided 200 pictures from Friday and Saturday Nights. They will be on the web site soon. Anyone else can email me pictures and I will also add them.